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***Most recent updates for riders and volunteers***

The San Antonio Wheelmen Bicycle Club is joining with Each One Teach One of San Antonio (EOTO) to put on a fund-raising ride to benefit EOTO. EOTO is a non-profit, adult literacy organization dedicated to helping under-educated citizens learn the basic life skills in order to live more productive and personally satisfying lives. 

This new ride, Reading and Riding 100, will take place on Saturday, September 23rd, at Canaan Land Ranch (directions).

Nestled in the Eastern shadow of Lake Medina are some of the most beautiful and challenging roads on which to plant your two wheels. You want hills? We got ‘em along with some downhill runs that will satisfy the more hard-core adrenaline junkies. Want something tamer? We've got that too – beautiful flat routes where you can leisurely spin and look out over vast pastoral expanses. With four route distances each rider can take on as much or a little as they wish.

You’ll begin your day at the Canaan Land Ranch (directions) where you’ll pick up your packets and get ready for your ride. After the ride, hang around for the lunch and music. Bring your swim suit, cool off, and kick back in Ranch’s lifeguard-staffed pool. Bring the family and let the kids enjoy the playground equipment.

The current registration fee is $55. It will be $60 during on-site registration.

Paid registration = post-ride meal. Your registration provides you with post-ride meal at no extra charge! Enjoy burgers, hot dogs, frito pie, and more from Dave's Chilitown and ice cream treats from Mister Softee.  

Online registration is closed. Only onsite registration on September 23rd is now available.


March 1st, 2017

  • Online and mail registration begins.
  • Registration fee is $45.

August 1st

  • Registration fee increases from $45 to $55.

September 19th

  • Online registration closes.

September 23rd

  • Onsite registration fee is $60.
  • 6 AM: Gates open
  • 6:30 - 7:oo AM: Pre-ride Food & Drink
  • 7:15 - 7:30 AM: Ride briefing
  • Wheels down
    • 7:30 AM: 102 Milers
    • 7:35 AM: 68 Milers
    • 7:40 AM: 43 Milers
    • 7:45 AM: 27 Milers
  • 10:30 AM: Pool opens
  • 10:30 - 2:30 PM: Lunch (from Dave's Chillitown, Mr. Softee)
  • 3:30 PM: Ride ends for all riders
  • 4 PM: All ride services end


You have 4 options:

You will receive maps and a cue sheet in your packet on the morning of the ride. All routes will be marked by color-coded arrows on the road.

    We provide two navigational methods for Reading and Riding 100:

    • Paper maps and cue sheets will be included in the registration packages distributed at packet pick-up. 
    • On-route directions: Color-coded arrows matching the paper maps will be placed on the roads before and at all turns. We highly recommend that you also carry the paper map because, in the event of rain, the arrows can be washed away.

    There is a third method for navigation. If you have a GPS cycling computer, you can download your route to your cycling computer. Please leverage ridewithgps.com for details and instructions. We do not provide support for this method.


    Each One Teach One and The San Antonio Wheelmen thank you for your support of our efforts to help under-educated citizens learn the basic life skills in order to live more productive and personally satisfying lives.

    Sponsorship Opportunities

    If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please complete and mail one of the following application forms, along with your check:

    • Sponsorship of a donation for the event
    • Sponsorship of a donation that will be used to fund some of the supplies required for the ride

    Volunteers - We need you!

    We need individuals who are willing to step up and take on the various roles required to create a successful, pleasurable, and memorable ride, Please review the roles below and send an e-mail per the instructions for any role in which you are interested.



    8 more people are needed.

    Responsibilities: Drive an assigned portion of the routes and mark turns with Mylar arrows on the road. Put other signs on the route as required (Rest Stop ahead, Slow, Steep Hill, etc.). Maps showing the route with warning areas and rest stops will be provided. This task will be performed on the day before the event, Friday, September 22nd.

    For more information email rnr100@sawheelmen.com, subject line: "Route Marking".

    If you are ready to volunteer, please submit your contact information.


    SAG Drivers

    4 more people are needed.


    • Go to the “Command Post” at Canaan Land Ranch to pick up your SAG materials, first aid and SAG kit (same location as Registration) Attach the SAG signs to your back windows
    • Drive to your designated start point then slowly drive the route watching for riders who might have a problem
    • Stop to help riders with mechanical problems, injury or those not feeling well
    • Transport riders who cannot continue the ride to the next rest stop
    • Fill out the Safety Log form (get pertinent info from the injured rider) and return the form to the Command Post when your driving tour is over
    • Check in with each Rest Stop on your route on every circuit you make
    • If severe weather develops check with the Command Post to see if the course is being closed
    • Make a final sweep of the route to make sure all riders have completed that segment and notify the Command Post and the Rest Stops on your route that the route is clear
    • Return to the Command Post to turn in your SAG materials, SAG kit, road signs, and any accident forms you completed

    Each SAG driver will need a pickup, SUV or automobile with a bike rack, plus a floor pump. The club will provide all necessary supplies plus a gas card.

    Contact: Cliff Hickel is the supervisor and will provide instructions on Friday, September 22nd. 

    For more information email rnr100@sawheelmen.com, subject line: "SAG Drivers".

    If you are ready to volunteer, please submit your contact information.


    What is the best way to Canaan Land Ranch?

    While there are a number of ways to get there, the best way is to take Hwy 90 West (which you can access from IH35, Loop 410 or Loop 1604) from San Antonio and exit at Hwy 211 and stay right toward Hwy 1957/Potranco Rd. Stay on 211 for 3 miles. At the intersection of 211 and 1957/Potranco take a left on to 1957/Potranco. Stay on 1957/Potranco for 2 miles and at the second stop light take a right on County Road 381. Potranco Elementary School is to the left at the intersection. It is a narrow two lane road. In 2.6 miles turn left on to County Road 3822 and take an immediate right, the entrance to Canaan Land Ranch will be on your right.

    There is a significant amount of road construction in the area. While you can take either Culebra or Potranco from Loop 1604 to the ranch, both have extensive construction with barriers and heavy road construction equipment. There is also significant construction at the Loop 410 and Hwy 90 Interchange.

    Hwy 90 and 211 is your best bet.


    What is Each One Teach One?

    Each One Teach One of San Antonio is a non-profit, adult literacy organization dedicated to help under-educated citizens learn the basic life skills in order to live more productive and personally satisfying lives. Please view the EOTO website for a more comprehensive look at the wonderful services they provide and then register for the ride in order to help us support this vital work.


    Who are the San Antonio Wheelmen?

    For over forty years the San Antonio Wheelmen have been active in San Antonio providing cycling education, input into the city’s cycling services and infrastructure, law enforcement and EMT support and many other activities to benefit the community. The Wheelmen see the work of EOTO as vital to contributing to the overall strength and well-being of not only the clients they serve but also to the community at large.


    How can I help?

    We could certainly use your support:


    What equipment could I loan or donate to RnR 100?

    We need canopies for rest stops and large ice chests.


    Will my registration packet be mailed to me?

    No. You will receive your registration packet at Canaan Land Ranch during the morning of the ride.


    What happens to my registration fee if the ride is cancelled due to weather or due to the request of civil authorities?

    If your registration is received before August 1st, 2017, you will have the option of donating your $45 registration fee to Reading and Riding 100 or receiving a refund. Registrations received on August 1st or later are donated to Reading and Riding 100.


    Can the course or ride finish time be altered during the ride? 

    We will monitor weather conditions on the ride route and will change the route or finish time if conditions warrant.


    Who are the primary contacts for this event?


    What are some of the other great rides in the local area?

    Please review our list here.