What You Can Expect On The Ride

* There will be over 45 volunteers to assist you and make this a great ride. They will be wearing bright yellow t-shirts so they will be easy to spot. 

* There will be 7 SAG vehicles working the routes with minor medical supplies, water and snacks, and tires and tubes.

* Routes will be clearly marked and maps and RidewithGPS routes provided. 

* There are five and a half rest stops. A couple of them you may pass through twice. They will have water, gatorade and snacks, and minor medical supplies. 

* There will be a command center to field calls and help any distressed rider.





Saturday Morning- What You Can Expect

Canaan Land Ranch will open at 6:00AM. There will be parking attendants to guide you to rider parking areas. Unlike last year, the parking lot will be well lighted. Please follow their instructions.

Registration will open at 6:00AM for you to sign in and receive numbered bibs, a t-shirt and a RNR100 Goodie bag.

Sun and Ski and Crossroads Cycling will be available to make minor adjustments to your bike.

There will be coffee, water, and snacks.

There will be a pre-ride briefing and introductions and thank yous before the ride.

Wheels down at 7:30AM with the longer distances leading out. 

Directions to Canaan Land Ranch are posted in a previous blog. See you Saturday!


Best Way to Canaan Land Ranch

What is the best way to Canaan Land Ranch?

While there are a number of ways to get there, the best way is to take Hwy 90 West, which you can access from IH35, Loop 410 or Loop 1604, from San Antonio and exit at Hwy 211 and stay right toward Hwy 1957/Potranco Rd. Stay on 211 for 3 miles. At the intersection of 211 and 1957/Potranco take a left on to 1957/Potranco. Stay on 1957/Potranco for 2 miles and at the second stop light take a right on County Road 381. It is a narrow two lane road. In 2.6 miles turn left on to County Road 3822 and take an immediate right, the entrance to Canaan Land Ranch will be on your right.

There is a significant amount of road construction in the area. While you can take either Culebra or Potranco from Loop 1604 to the ranch, both have extensive construction with barriers and heavy road construction equipment. There is also significant construction at the Loop 410 and Hwy 90 Interchange.

Hwy 90 and 211 is your best bet.